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Juicing: Is it as good for you as they say?

Juicing is an incredible tool that has a mountain of benefits in the use of treating disease.  However, like all things, there is a few down sides to juicing and it can actually be harmful to one’s health if it is not utilized with knowledge and understanding.

The power of juicing can be truly incredible.   The body is able to absorb the vitamins and nutrients quickly due to the liquid state and can be especially beneficial for people with digestive issues who aren’t able to easily extract nutrition from their food.  

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My Russian Bathhouse Experience


I recently traveled to Russia for the first time.  My trip was a crafted adventure to help begin an acupuncture program in Moscow for a small group of doctors and Qi Gong masters that are wanting to bring the ancient art of healing to their beautiful city.  I can’t say that I had any real expectations but I certainly had some trepidations as Russia was always portrayed as being “bad” in my childhood and there has been some recent unrest both in Russia against the homosexual population as well as discord in the neighboring Ukrain.  I didn’t feel that my daily existence would be forged with battle or attack but unrest, at it’s core, makes us all uneasy and I am no exception to that.

That said, my experience could not have been more wonderful.  Russia is a culture rich with history, interest, and beauty and you can see the marks of time in every corner.  There are resurrections of churches foiled in gold glory that popped up after the communist fall and have taken to shining like little stars in the nights of winter.  There are old world structures standing for several hundred years mixed with the cement block buildings of soviet rule.  The side streets wind away from the center in a mix of european romanticism and nostalgic mysticism to bisect small parks, each with a splash of surprise, weather it be an outdoor rink for ice skating, a heated pool to dip in the warmth while outdoor in the chilly winters, or simply decorated in root to tip lights that hug every tree.  The subways are deep in the terrain, originally built to sustain the throws of war, but now an easy way to jet from place to place with a vintage feel in their antique trains from the 50’s and 60’s surrounded by decorative marble.  

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Feminist Hero

Ok, so I think I should just warn you that I am writing this blog after coming off of a total chick weekend bender.  I was doing a marathon of inspirational Ted Talks, Dog rescue shows on Animal Planet and occasional bouts of videos about people doing really nice things for each other and themselves.  Are you rolling your eyes yet?  All right, at the very least you can relate.  That said, I am feeling very emotionally high and incredibly inspired.  I briefly jotted down some notes on an old envelop (that has been sitting on my kitchen table for way too long) and this is the preview of what I wrote to myself in hopes that I would write something brilliant and moving that would find you equally inspired.

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Stones, beyond the glory of diamonds and pearls, are actually historically considered to be the original herbal medicine. The true richness of stones and their mineral properties  are further thought, beyond their beauty, to be representations of agents that capture and send curative vibrations. In this light, it is thought that certain stones actively evolve, and when you carry a stone, it helps you to actively engage in this process of self cultivation.  

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The Saint, The Hero, and The Alchemist

 As we move into a new year, it is a time for us to reflect upon our past so that we may look to the future to decide how we would like to be. For some of us, this is a time to set the larger tone for the year and give it a theme that we would like to be reflected in all of the ways in which we live, do business and make decisions. A good friend of mine chooses a new word at the beginning of each new year and then allows that word to be the filter by which she sees her life, sees herself and what she wants to cultivate.  Pretty awesome, right?  In honor of that, I decided that I would do the same thing for my professional life and how I wanted to create the environment and feel of my work. The word I chose for 2014 is Hero.  Hero is a special word that I think is incredibly powerful and charged.  I want to explain the Hero in the context of what I believe to be three different stages we have in life.  I hope you will join me on this journey to be inspired to be a Hero in your own life and for others.  

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